Laying still in a crimson pool, color ebbing from her face.

A future erased, curtailed, violently ripped from the human race.

Lost to us are the brilliant things she might have done.

Taken away in a second with a flash from a Russian gun.

Her children are scattered lifeless next to her on the street.

Their pools of blood growing gradually, eventually to meet.

Lives not lived, taken senselessly for the ego of a soulless man.

Driving his soldiers madly to take away his neighbors’ homeland.

This leads us back to the bodies lying sprawled out in the road.

Just another reason for crying while watching this tragic episode.



Rushing air swells cool this break of day.

Mother nature at her mischievous play

Wind chimes ring in the morning breeze.

Accompanying the song playing through the trees.

An owl nearby sings low like a wooden flute,

Keeping time with the chimes with its hoot, hoot, hoot.

The newly blue sky swept nearly clean,

Just a single wisp of cloud can be seen.

I sit transfixed while the musicians play.

In this coming to life of this beautiful day.



Cynics ever bitterly spend their time,

Trying to deny that life can ever rhyme.

Positive is not what they ever want to see.

Negative is what they want everything to be.

The truth is that they are not always wrong.

Negative exists, but positive also is strong.

Balance is the way things actually are.

From the common place to the truly bizarre.

There is always the good to balance the bad.

But the goodness before us makes all of the cynics so mad.

I wish I could help them past their crippling thrall,

But I’d have better luck convincing a wall.



Childhood held catastrophes for me.

It was then I started the patina you see.

There’s little you can do when life comes at you.

One learns to live with what comes into view.

As time went on, I became pliably strong.

However, often, I found out that I was wrong.




My brother died in the afternoon.

His death, it came far too soon.

When he died, he was only twenty-eight.

A moment in time that couldn’t wait.

I’ve lived without him all these years.

In that time, I’ve cried countless tears.

I’ve seen his name carved in stone,

It leaves me cold and feeling alone.

His brief life, now long in the past,

The pain of his passing will forever last.



Jesus stopped the stoning,

And put the hypocrites at bay.

Remember what he did,

When you are tempted to judge today.

Jesus overturned the money grubber’s tables,

And flogged them out the door.

Remember what he did,

When you take more and more.

Jesus forsook wealth with its property and gold,

Remember what he did,

When you see the homeless in the cold.

Jesus lived his life for what was a selfless cause,

Remember what he stood for and let that give you pause.



Bicker quicker as we get sicker.

Life collapses, we sit and dicker.

Warmer still, what a thrill,

Getting cooked can actually kill.

Winter snow, oddly won’t go,

Polar vortex, now we know.

Some science haters still deny.

Conspiracy theories, another lie.

Like lobsters in the pot turning red,

When we’re boiled, we’ll be dead.



A pigeon on the neighbor’s roof,

Looking cool, carefree, and aloof.

Watching the morning sky turn blue,

I am watching the same thing too.

Through its eyes, does it see what I see?

Does it witness this scene just like me?

Are we not so terribly different, it and I?

Do we drink in the world together, through different eyes?

I wonder, if we have more in common still?

But alas I do not know, and never will.



Life moves on from day to day.

We work so later we can play.

On and on there’s more to pay.

We’re just trying to find our way.

Is it our hearts, or heads we obey?

Should we make our stand, come what may?

Hoping we’ll still be okay.

We may not fall, but we often sway.

There’s really not much more to say.

I’ll just end this here and go away.