It is your fear that makes you dreadful.

It is your fear that makes you selfish.

It is your fear that makes you unkind.

It is your fear that makes you dishonest.

It is your fear that makes you lie.

It is your fear that makes you harm.

It is your fear that makes you deceive.

It is your fear that makes you steal.

It is your fear that makes you cruel.

It is your fear that makes you to be feared.

I recognize in you the consciousness of life.

You have the cognizance of existence itself.

There is nothing that exists, that doesn’t exist within you.

I, and all that surrounds you, exists within this consciousness.

You, yourself, exist entirely in the context this consciousness.

From it, you view your thoughts, memories, and understanding.

It is the you, that knows you, but is more than you.

Can you recognize the same consciousness in me?

It is here, the same as is there, within you.

Are we not one in the same, just looking from a different view?

Torn from the womb of humanity,

Stolen, and packed as meat in wooden hells.

Sold as cattle, naked on a block.

Whipped, and desecrated, while worked to death.

Denied hope, crushed by the “free.”

Wantonly raped, and murdered by their master’s race.

Enduring depravity, beyond the endurable.

Yet, surviving, intact, as whole humans, filled with the essence of life.

To question the strength of the survivors of the Holocaust Here,

Is to question the existence of strength itself.

Blackened goo, on a beach near you.

The residue, of death’s revenue.

The poison that the greedy pursue.

To give a ride to me and you.

I wish my guilt was not so true,

I wish that I could start anew.

But, now I see with my eyes the view,

Of good intentions, but action, we never do.

The water once was clean and blue,

Now it’s black, because of me, and you.

I wake up in the morning, wondering what the day will bring.

Will I want to live it over, or will I want to escape the thing.

Life it seems, marches on a day at a time,

Another soldier, walking in the line.

Counting them collectively, they add up into years,

Accumulating a patina of aggregated fears.

I’ll look back from tomorrow, and know what this day had brought.

Did I like the prize, that this time had bought?

Onward, onward, into the day I must now go.

Come tomorrow, only then, I’ll know.

To seek God is to seek one’s self.

To know what is the core of existence.

To go within, to the essence of all.

To tread the inner path to the light.

I am but a shell for it to use.

An ephemeral husk of fleeting purpose.

One of infinite garments worn.

Within is the infinite eternal.

The one who is all that is.

There is no me, because, I, like all, am that.

I am the me that watches through me.

The me that has existed for eternity.

I am the me who is consciousness.

The me that illuminates the mind.

I am the me who sees all, but is unaffected.

The me who is the same you in you.

We are portals through which existence experiences its existing.

There is but one existence, and we are all that.

The you that is your ego, is but a filter to color the view.

Your mind and body are but a ploy, so you can watch something new.

To treat others as you’d have them treat you, expecting nothing in return,

Is to do your duty to the world, with detachment, for the pure love of life.

Do what you can do for those for whom you can do it, then let it go.

Let it flower and bloom, to propagate the good you contributed.

The world need not know that the flowers were from you,

For you to enjoy their fragrance, and to eat the fruit of their bloom.

There is no power greater, than the power of unleashed love.

Loose love’s tether, let it run wild, free, on its own, to grow.

Be the source of the good, when it comes back to you, you will know.

Plant your seeds everywhere you go, then live among the bounty you sow.

Love is the only cure for what ails us.

Love of humanity, love of nature, love for the sake of love.

Time will march on, relentlessly, inexorably pressing its point!

We only have each other, there is no salvation but love.

Love is our refuge from the monsters in us.

Give kindness where none is offered.

Have the courage to love the unlovable.

Be an oasis in the pain.

Let go of the hurt, and respond with love.

Anger feeds the fire, let love quench the rage.

No one of us is immune from hate, it is a reaction.

Love is not giving in, it is to respond for the common good.

It is to be the light at the door, during the dreadful night.

Love is a choice we must make.

Goodbye Marse Robert, you’ve lost your pedestal.

Your great bronze visage, a deceitful propaganda tool.

For one hundred years we lived under your green gaze,

Setting on Traveler, in the uniform of your treason days.

The army you led, thankfully lost that deplorable war.

Despicable, is an apt word, for what you, were fighting for.

To own human beings, like livestock, not as women, and men,

To be bought and sold, like cattle, to be whipped, again, and again.

I regret that your image was allowed to stand so long and proud,

Now, I’ll cheer your dethroning, with gusto, both long and loud.

Richard Sweeney

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